When, a command line calendar


It seems like I'm always scrambling to find a calendar to look at and plan something a couple weeks out. I usually end up finding my browser and going to calendar.google.com. But Google Calendar defaults to a weekly view for me, without a quick view of the next month. And I'm usually using a terminal at the time, so when I found when (that's the name of the program), I was interested.

When is a simple command line calendar app. Although you can use it to add appointments to your calendar, I love it for it's c flag. If you execute when c, when will give you nice three month view with the previous, current, and next month displaying in the classic grid formation:

The current day is bolded, as well. And if you execute the when command alone, it will give you a print out of the current date and time: Sun 2013 Apr 7 8:14.

So if you're like me and enjoy finding simple terminal apps for most your needs, when is nice little program.