Using All of a Digital Visa Gift Card on Amazon


From time to time, get digital gift cards like a Visa credit or debit card. I used to put off using them because I didn’t want to use $97 off a $100 card and then have to figure out what to buy for $3 later. Amazon doesn’t let you split payments between multiple cards for one purchase, either.

I recently thought it a solution to this problem: use the digital Visa card to reload your Amazon gift card balance. Then you can use that balance to pay for all of or a portion of a future purchase.

For example, my health insurance rewards members for doing certain exercises. They pay the reward out as a digital Visa card and I recently got one with a balance of $109.25. I was able to reload my Amazon balance with exactly $109.25 and use it later without having to think about remaining balances or splitting purchases across multiple cards.

Here's a link to Amazon's gift card reload: Amazon Reload