How to Root the Motorola Triumph


There has been a lot of noise around the Internet and Android about locked bootloaders and the dangers of rooting devices. However, for Motorola Triumph owners, rejoice because none of this shall get in your way (well maybe the danger part ;) )! I'm going to show you how to (very easily) root your Triumph.

First, go to the Market on your Triumph and download Android Terminal Emulator. Open the app you just downloaded and type sudo and hit enter.

Now type ln -s /system/xbin/sudo /system/bin/su and hit enter. Next, type ln -s /system/xbin/sudo /system/xbin/su and hit enter. Now reboot your phone.

You should now have root access! What this did was create a symbolic link to sudo and named it su. It will allow apps that need root access to function properly on your phone. You will probably want to install busybox and superuser from the Market now.