Git, the animal - "error src refspec master does not match any."


error: src refspec master does not match any.

Lovely! When this git error came up, I knew exactly what it meant. I mean src refspec is perfectly clear! And everyone knows what any git is talking about. /rant /sarcasm

Seriously, though, did Yoda write this? I was going about my merry way, trying to push some existing code (not currently a git repo) to Bitbucket and bam! I run into this goodie.

In my code directory, I issue git init to initialize the git repository, then git remote add origin to add the origin as my Bitbucket repo, then git push -u origin master to push my code up.

"Wait you will, master does not match any," says Yoda. Turns out this gem of an error is trying to tell me that nothing has been added/committed to the local repo. So to fix this I issued git commit -am "imakillagit" then the previous commands, git remote add origin and git push -u origin master.

So, moral of the story, kids: don't go pushin' "empty" repos.