Chrome OS on the Acer Aspire One



I recently decided to try out Chrome OS again, since Google and Samsung have released the $249 Chromebook. I wanted to see how far along the operating system had come since I last tested it (around Dec 2010). After playing with Chromium OS (I grabbed the open source version from Hexxeh here: Chromium OS download) for a couple of nights, I can say th ---... uh, well at that point, Chromium OS crashed... So it in short: it's got more polish, but retains the ability wreck itself before it checks itself.

Anywho, I still enjoyed playing with it. If you want to try it out yourself, you can grab the image here: Chromium OS from Hexxeh and then use this command (on a GNU/Linux box):

sudo dd if=path/to/chrome_os.img of=/dev/sdb bs=100M

Where /dev/sdb is a greater than 2 GB drive (not your main machine's drive, preferably). Then boot your computer (mine is an Aspire One) from the drive and check out Google's cloudy operating system.