Saving Money With What You Already Have


Ignoring Easy Savings
There's almost always another way to save money. And people are always looking for that way. But they also overlook the easiest way to save. Searching for good deals on groceries is a great way to save. Signing up for cheaper car insurance also can help your finances a lot. These are a couple of the obvious actions we take lower our expenditures. But there is a super simple way to save a ton of money that a lot of us ignore.

Which one costs more, your laptop or a new laptop?
A laptop is just one example. A phone is another. These are all things that people usually throw around and neglect. You might walk in from work and toss your phone on the counter. Or shove your laptop into a backpack haphazardly. The more poorly you treat your stuff, the faster it breaks or wears out. And it's a lot more expensive to buy a new laptop than to keep your current one! Every month your stuff survives is another month you get to save.

Treat your stuff well and save
Replacing necessities like phones and computers is usually taken for granted. But you can replace them less often if you treat them right. Say you take care of your phone and it lasts 3 years instead of two. If you pay $200 for a new phone, that means you will save at least $400 over 10 years. It may not sound like a lot, but that's just for a phone. Imagine if you treated everything you own with care and it all lasted 50% longer. That's a ton of savings! So take care of your stuff and it'll take care of you.

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