Raspberry Pi Keeps Rebooting


For a while now, I've had issues with my Raspberry Pi rebooting by itself. At first I thought I was drawing too much power with the items I had plugged into the USB ports. So I unplugged them both (an external hard drive and a USB WiFi dongle), but the Pi kept rebooting. Finally, I remembered that I had traded the power supply out to use as my phone charger a while back. It turns out that the new power supply I was using is only rated at 550 milliamps. That's a lot less than the old supply I was using, which was 1 amp or 1,000 milliamps.

It turns out the recommended power supply should provide at least 1.8 amps for my Raspberry Pi Model B+. So 550 mA was just not going to cut it.

Even though the Pi uses micro USB for power, you can't just plug in any charger or power supply that will fit. Look for a 2 amp supply, like this one: EasyAcc 5V 2A Micro USB Charger. Or check out other options on Amazon.

My Raspberry Pi set up, for reference:

  1. Raspberry Pi Model B
  2. Toshiba 1 TB External Hard Driv
  3. Edimax WiFi Dongle

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