Pokemon TCG: How does Robo Substitute work?

“Robo Substitute is considered a Pokemon rather than an Item card while it is in play. While in your hand, deck, or discard it’s considered an Item, but once it’s been “played” it becomes a Pokemon in all respects. You can even attach tools and energy to it, though that’s probably pointless since it has no attacks. The only differences between Robo Substitute and an ordinary Pokemon (after it’s been played) are that it can’t retreat, your opponent takes no prizes for knocking it out, and you may discard it at any time before you attack. Once it’s in the discard, it’s no longer “in play” and reverts to being an Item. However, since it is considered a Pokemon while in play, if your only “real” Pokemon is KOed, the game isn’t over, you promote a Robo Substitute to the active, and play continues as normal”


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