New Petcock Vale for the Trail Boss

One of the things I needed to do for the Trail Boss was to fix the fuel leak at the gas tank. I got new fuel lines near the beginning of my work on it, and later on I noticed it was leaking fuel at the petcock valve area. I thought maybe the fuel line was not attached securely so I ignored while I was working with the new carburetor.

The Ol' Girl Can Still Go

I took the project fourwheeler out for the longest ride yet the other day. I downloaded GPS-based speedometer to see what her top speed is. 49 mph is pretty good for a 24 year-old fourwheeler that had been sitting for 8 or 10 years. She does get a little squirrelly at those speeds on a dirt road, though.

The Trail Boss Project

This is the starting page for my 1994 Trail Boss 250 project ATV. I purchased it for $105 (don’t ask) and have been tinkering with it for about a year and a half now. The ATV had been sitting for 5 to 10 years without being started before I bought it. Here’s what I’ve done so far: New carburetor (Finally found one that fits here: New fuel tank petcock valve (I used this one: https://amzn.