Beginner's Guide to Vim

I recently switched from using Sublime Text 2 to Vim. Sublime is an awesome text editor, but I enjoy using command line tools and am intrigued by the massive following that Vim has. Also, three of the developers I work with use Vim and seem to know a lot of the tricks that make Vim indispensible. Although I haven’t gleaned much from them yet, I have found my way around Vim at my own pace.

Automatically format code in Visual Studio 2010

I hope you’re not like me and have spent an insane amount of time formatting code in Visual Studio to make it look all nice and pretty. If you are, there’s a much easier way! Select the section of code (or Ctrl+A) and issue Ctrl+K then Ctrl+F to have VS automatically format it for you. So simple! Perhaps we’ll all code four times faster now? Maybe…