Confine SSH user to home directory with rbash

You can use rbash to limit a user to their own home directory (they cannot cd to other directories, or write to them). To do this, you will want to edit /etc/passwd and change the user’s shell: test:x:1001:1001:,,,:/home/test:/bin/bash should change to test:x:1001:1001:,,,:/home/test:/bin/rbash I did this on Ubuntu 12.04, so if your system varies from that […]

Pare down your read-it-later list by going old school

Do you follow too many subjects across the Interwebs? How about subscribe to a firehose like Hacker News (the RSS feed spouts 83.3 items per day)? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you probably have an extensive collection of things you want to “read later”. If you take a look at […]