Git, the animal – “error src refspec master does not match any.”

Lovely! When this git error came up, I knew exactly what it meant. I mean src refspec is perfectly clear! And everyone knows what any git is talking about. /rant /sarcasm Seriously, though, did Yoda write this? I was going about my merry way, trying to push some existing code (not currently a git repo) to Bitbucket and bam! […]

Eclipse says adb does not exist

I often switch up my development machine and try different GNU/Linux distros, and I recently ran into a problem with Eclipse and 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04. After installing eclipse and the Android SDK, I could not get my Android project to run. Eclipse was claiming that /home/myuser/android-sdks/platform-tools/adb did not exist, even though it obviously did upon […]

Customizing the Openbox Menu

There are two ways you can make changes to the openbox menu. You can edit the menu.xml file, which is usually located with the other openbox configuration files (in ~/.config/openbox/ on Ubuntu 12.04). There’s an easier, GUI-based way – using a program called obmenu. Once you have obmenu installed (sudo apt-get install obmenu), simply type obmenu in […]