The Reason You Hate Other Operating Systems

I’ve thought a lot recently about the reasons behind the choice of an operating system. I’ve narrowed it down to a single reason: chance. It’s not intelligence, technical aptitude, or money. I know of many very smart people that I would say are making an unintelligent decision to use Windows. I’ve met people that have very little […]

Dell’s XPS 13 Developer’s Edition – My Missed Opportunity

I recently got a new job at a different employer as a web developer. As with all new jobs, I went through the initiation period of acquiring new hardware and associated paraphernalia. My new employer was awesome enough to let me choose my work machine – anything in the world, within reason. I’m a reasonable […]

Own Your Digital Writing

I recently found a service called Medium, started by Twitter and Blogger founder Evan Williams. Medium seems like a more exclusive blogging platform, just letting certain authors partake in content creation. So Williams is a serial (micro)blogging service founder… This reminded me of the ephemeral nature of web services. They’re started and abandoned at the drop […]