What is a Navy Shower?

A Navy Shower is a way of showering that uses dramatically less water than a normal shower. To take a navy shower, you turn the water on long enough to get your body wet, then you turn it off while you soap and lather yourself. Finally, the water gets turned back on for a brief rinse at the end.

This uses a mere 5% of the water a normal 10-minute shower uses (navy: 3 gal., normal: up to 60 gal). Just imagine the difference if you normally take showers that last longer than 10 minutes.

So do navy showers actually save you money? According to Wikipedia, which cites a University of Florida study, taking a Navy Shower can save 15,000 gallons of water per person, per year.I calculated that I pay about $9.43 per 1,000 gallons of water I use. This means that the 15,000 gallon savings the study gives for navy showers will really add up over the year. For one person, that’s $141.45 per year. For a family of four, navy showers can save you up to $560 per year. That’s a pretty good addition to a family vacation fund!

Image credit: PhotoAtelier

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