Check your health insurance, you could be wasting money

Both my wife and I recently started new jobs. I started mine first, while she was still a student, so I put us both on my employer-provided health insurance plan. It wasn’t too expensive, so I just forgot about it after that.

My wife then graduated and started her new job. We looked at the cost of insurance for an employee and a spouse through her employer. Unfortunately, it was slightly more expensive than the plan we were on with my employer. We were about to give up on it, thinking we were taking advantage of the best deal, when my wife noticed the difference in the individual plans. While the two family plans (no kids) were very close, we could actually save money by having us each sign up for individual health insurance plans through our respective employers.

We’re going to save $70 per month by doing this!

When it comes to employer-provided health insurance plans, make sure you take a closer look. It could save you a lot of money. Any time you or your spouse change jobs, check out the available plans again – even the plans for the spouse that isn’t changing.

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