An Easy Way to Save at Restaurants

One of the things my wife and I like to endulge in is going out to eat. We make it a point to have dinner at a restaurant at least once a week. Unfortunately, as you probably know, these experiences can be pretty expensive. We were spending a large chunk of our income on dining for a while, so large that we were looking to make a change. But we didn’t want to give up our weekly tradition. So we found an easy way to save some money while dining out: sharing a meal.

** Cut your bill in half, still have a good time **
The beauty of sharing an entree at a restaurant is that it cuts your bill half. Where you were previously spending $40 on dinner for two, you now only spend $20. This means you could even go out an extra night a month and still be ahead. We also use these savings as an opportunity to give a larger tip to our servers. It’s not easy being a server, so it’s nice to give them something extra for their work.

** Even when sharing, you can get more **
You might be thinking that sharing a meal means you won’t get enough food to be satisfied. But if you’ve seen portion sizes in the U.S. (or clothes sizes, for that matter), then you might need to think again. Most restaurants hand out massive servings, leaving you with leftovers. And leftovers go home in a box to be forgotten in the fridge until they’ve gone bad. So, you end up wasting food in the end. We have also noticed that a lot of restaurants will give you extra sides if you share a main course. For example, we’ve split veggie burgers before and were brought an extra side of french fries without asking for them. You might think you won’t be satisfied, but I bet you will.

** What could it hurt? **
The easy part of this money-saving idea is just trying it. You might have your doubts, but you could be pleasantly surprised by a much smaller check after your next dining experience. All it takes is one time to see if it works for you.

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Image credit: Dalbera